Go behind the scenes with mountain bike legend Jerome Clementz and see how a star prepares for the Enduro World Series

Celtic Trip picks up where the first Enduro World Series in Rotorua left off and we catch up with the winner Jerome Clementz with a behind the scenes look at his preparation prior to the County Wicklow and Tweedlove Enduro World Series.

Excited to be going to County Wicklow in Ireland, Clementz believed the riding was quite similar to that of his home where he does most of his training. But struck down by illness on race day, Jerome could’t compete to the same standard we usually see from the rider.

Moving on to Scotland, Clementz was determined to perform but couldn’t shake his illness from the previous weekend, meaning his practice days were hampered. Struggling with pains through the right shoulder he had to miss Friday’s practice and in the end was dissatisfied with his racing result, not being able to perform at 100% and he said he spent ‘too much time on the ground’. 

Packed full off great trails, the Tweedlove weekend was a hit with the local and international riders, both pro and amateur and MBR’s deputy editor was in the mix when MBR did the enduro world series.

Although there were some complaints that it may have been a little too physical and pedal heavy in places it’s great to see the British riding venue mixing it up with the likes of Whistler, Rotorua and Finale Ligure and adding some techy, wet British riding into the mix.