30 days of woodland wizardry in this time lapse of north shore trail building

Changing wheel sizes, new hub standards and the ever dynamic cycling industry are very important components to mountain biking and integral to what keeps the sport moving and progressing (although many might feel at an overwhelming pace).

Despite all the marketing buzz and the essential kit, the true lifeblood of this sport is trail building, but how often to we truly give back to those who keep our wheels rolling? This simple video demonstrates the art behind the build and the beauty of a trail coming to life.

Trail building is the beating heart of mountain biking. The simple fact that without it we wouldn’t have a sport has pushed trail building far and wide.

So much so that mountain biking is far more accessible in so many more places than ever before. We can ride in the Surrey Hills or at Bike Park Wales in the Welsh mountains as easy and simple as just getting in a car and driving there.

Although not without controversy, as this accusation of criminal damage proves, nothing has pushed mountain biking nearly as much as a few folk out in the dirt with a shovel and a chainsaw.

Whether sculpting a hard pack trail at a centre somewhere or creating the gnarliest lines at the Redbull Hardline there’s no question that these wood wielding warriors allow us to constantly improve our riding or allow the very best to push the limits of what’s possible on the bike.

So here’s to those that build and make sure you keep an eye out for the many available build days all over the country.