According to Strava

Strava have assembled an entertaining compilation of refuelling stats from Strava users. Mondays feature coffee. Friday is all about pizza and beer.

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Who knew?

Strava: “To celebrate the human-powered feats of Strava athletes and give you some ideas for your next post-workout indulgence, we’ve gathered data on the food and drink that has been keeping the Strava community fuelled and ready to go. We looked at a week of activity titles to see what seven days in the diet of a Strava athlete might look like.”

Cake is the most popular food on Strava. Strava users consumed 2,762 slices in just one week. The biggest consumers of cake were not us Brits. The Germans inched ahead eating just 1% more cake per activity than Brits.

Canadian Strava users eat almost 50% more croissants per activity than French Strava users.

Monday was the least popular day for nearly every food and drink – except for coffee, wine and doughnuts.

Tuesdays are hungry. There are more mentions on Strava of hunger on Tuesdays than any other day of the week.

Saturdays are the most popular banana day.

Fridays are all about beer and pizza. Beer is the most popular item of food or drink on Strava with a whopping 14,972 beers drunk by Strava users over the course of the week. British Strava users drink twice the number of beers as the next highest country, Germany.