And help in the battle against Multiple Sclerosis to boot

To help people affected by Multiple Sclerosis, Go-Where and others in mountain bike industry have come together to create the ultimate raffle prize.

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Stoked On MS press release

Biking helps you cope with life, right? Escaping the daily pressures, keeping you sane? What if something unexpected threatened to steal that away from you?

Our Andy’s familiar with that feeling. He recently released a documentary about living and riding with the incurable neurological disease, Multiple Sclerosis – and it turns out life is still pretty damn good.

To help people affected by Multiple Sclerosis, our amazing friends in the mountain bike industry have generously come together to create the ultimate raffle prize in aid of Andy’s ‘Stoked on MS’ campaign.

Up for grabs for just £5 per ticket is a one-of-a-kind, unique, custom-painted, fully-specced Santa Cruz Bicycles Bronson mountain bike in aid of ‘Stoked on MS’ charity Overcoming MS. It’s a 150mm travel, 27.5 wheeled mega machine. This is the crème de la crème of mountain bikes. It features awesome suspension and dropper post by Fox, Shimano’s tried and true XT drivetrain and brakes, and Wilderness Trail Bikes saddle, grips and tyres. Also included is an EVOC backpack and ENDURA have created a custom MT500 jersey to match this beautiful Bronson bicycle.

Learn more about the project here.

A word from Andy

My name is Andy McKenna and I have multiple sclerosis. I have been living with MS for ten years and I am proof that there’s a way of still leading an active, healthy, productive life. To this day I still operate my mountain bike guiding business (Go Where Scotland) with my wife Aneela and our amazing team of guides, and I try to get outside into the Scottish mountains as often as I can as part of my therapy.

MS is an ‘incurable’ degenerative and disabling neurological disease affecting the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves of almost 2.5 million people worldwide. It usually causes attacks of neurologic symptoms including vision loss, paralysis, numbness, bladder problems and walking difficulties.

It’s still a mystery why it happens but it’s caused when the body’s own immune system attacks and damages the Myelin, a complex substance that surrounds and insulates nerve fibres, and reduces the ability of the brain and spinal cord to transmit signals. There is no medical cure for MS.

But all is not lost! There’s a growing community living with MS who believe there is an alternative way of managing the disabling effects of MS. It is not a pill or an injection – it’s a set of lifestyle changes and holistic strategies that have been thoroughly researched, tried and tested. A set of changes that will help the healing power of the mind and body to work together.

My organization STOKED ON MS ( is a way of creating dialogue with people about the alternatives. Overcoming MS (OMS) is a charity established to promote a positive lifestyle programme that aims to help people with MS live long, healthy lives. OMS is committed to improving the lives of people with MS by providing the tools to enable recovery.

Thank you!

Andy McKenna