The downhill racing legend is committing his racing memories to paper, with a book due later this year.

The most celebrated British downhill racer is turning his inspiring story into a book.

Steve Peat might have retired from professional downhill racing in 2016, but he remains deeply involved in mountain biking.

With a career of amazing longevity, stretching over two decades, Peat defined the spirit of British downhill racing.

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Partnering with Sheffield publisher, Vertebrate, fans can expect  Steve Peat: A biography, by October this year.

It will tell the story of Peat’s humble beginnings in plumbing, to his ascent into the realm of elite downhill racers and a multitude of wins. Few downhill racers can equal Peat’s palmares: with three UCI World Cup overalls and a UCI World Championship to his name.

A comprehensive recollection

Peat raced from the infancy of downhill to its transition into carbon-fibre structures and larger wheel sizes. His perspectives on the developments of various bike technologies and terrain technicality, will make for fascinating reading.

“Writing this book will be a great experience and a huge memory jogger for myself, when I sit and chat about different stories, all kinds of fun things spring to mind. I feel very lucky to have found mountain biking and I am excited to share my ups and down with you guys.”

An entertaining account

Readers can expect an authentic account, from Peat.“I feel I have always tried to be honest and approachable and I hope we can get this across in the book, along with all the fun stuff.”

Having campaigned as a downhill racing professional for so many years, Peat travelled extensively. The adventurous texture of his international racing career, across continents and cultures, will no doubt provide for some entertaining chapters.

Since retiring from hardcore downhill competition, Peat has remained an ambassador for Santa Cruz, where he spent the last decade of his career as a professional racer.

He also remains involved with Royal Racing, the activity clothing brand founded in 1998 and is a force behind various Sheffield mountain bike initiatives: including the Steel City downhill race and Sheffield wildlife trust.