Racing mix for the masses

For years Stan Koziatek has been sending a secret, prototype fluid in unmarked bottles to his racers, now, to celebrate his company’s 15th brithday, you can use this formula too.

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The new Race Sealant formula will use the same latex base as the standard formula but will contain twice as many crystals and include the addition of XL crystals. Although it sounds more like hokum from a bogus, backstreet healer, the theory is that these crystals will be able to seal bigger punctures faster and add strength to the tyre in the process.

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To give you an idea of how viscous the fluid is, it has to be poured straight into the tyre as it will clog a valve or injectors. All of this combined mean you can supposedly use less fluid and get the same performance, therefore saving you a bit of weight too.

Stan's no tubes 15th birthday race riding

So, does it live up to its claims? Well Stan’s racers certainly think so. Chloe Woodruff, the current US cross country national champion, said: “Stan’s Race Sealant allows us to use less sealant and get the same performance. Race Sealant gives us an edge over the competition because it’s lighter and highly effective.” But we’ll reserve our own judgement until we get some in to test.

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Stan’s Race Formula is only available by the quart (2 pints, 1136ml) and will cost £30 (£7 more than standard Stan’s). It can be used all year round, including in freeing temperature, and is environmentally safe.

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