No more accidental double shifts or thumb bounces


SRAM has a new upgrade to its electronic shifter that pretty much every rider is going to love. It’s called the AXS Pod Controller Rocker Paddle, and it does away with the clunky two-button gear shifter, replacing it with a one-piece rocker that looks far more ergonomic.

I’ve always found the AXS shifter to be unintuitive and unlike your regular shifter, in fact it was one of the worst parts about the otherwise excellent AXS T-Type Transmission drivetrain. I’m hoping that the new Rocker will feel more natural under your thumb, and prove easier to use when you’re in a hurry. 

SRAM’s listened to rider feedback and introduced the Rocker Paddle to cradle your thumb

The new Rocker Paddle comes as a complete controller for £150 ($150 or €170). The best news though is that you can upgrade an existing AXS Pod for £20 ($22 or €22), the plastic rocker cap sits over the existing internals of the two buttons, letting you rock them up or down to shift.

SRAM AXS Rocker Paddle

SRAM found the same solution last time around, when AXS was first launched in 2021

SRAM AXS Rocker history

We’ve spent more than a year testing the current AXS T-Type Transmission and its shifter pod, and while the former is durable, exceptionally precise in its shift, and easy to set up, the pod is a let down. It proved tricky to hit the right button when you’ve got lots going on and particularly when the trail is fast and loose. In fact, anything rough and you’re in danger of having your thumb bounced off the button, or an accidental double shift.

The Rocker Paddle is left or right specific

We yearned for the return of the original AXS Rocker Paddle that preceded T-Type. It weighed 15g, cost £20, but was well worth the upgrade if you’ve spent all your riding life using regular shifter pods.

AXS Pod Controller Rocker Paddle need to know

  • The AXS Pod Controller Rocker Paddle is left and right specific on your bar
  • Use it with Eagle Powertrain or RockShox Flight Attendant
  • You can programme and personalise the setup using the SRAM AXS App
  • Choice of button for up or down shift 

    Is £20 a worthwhile upgrade for a plastic cap?