A fiery edit from Transition Bikes that is guaranteed to make you want to get out and ride


The British winter can seem bad enough but compared to the opening sections of this video our weather this side of the pond seems like a dream. Nevertheless, the rain hasn’t stopped Transition Bikes rider Sid Slotegraaf from going out and ripping around the Squamish area; the lesser known but equally glorious site just down the road from Whistler in British Columbia.

No danger of sliding here as the Patrol seemingly oozing grips as it smashes through the root gullies, making usually troublesome sections seem like a piece of cake. Sid Slotegraaf probably has somethinf to do with that too. Transition Bikes say that this edit was created to demonstrate what the Patrol is all about; riding up and smashing back down again.

With energy in abundance this video is sure to make you want to don those Seal Skinz and get out and ride, rain not withstanding; certainly something we’d all find a lot easier if we had trails like these in our backyard.

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