Specialized T9 heads up a range of new rubber compounds, to improve the grip properties of Specialized moutainbnike tyres.

Specialized T9 tyres have upgraded compound formulation, promising better grip on meaningfully technical terrain. Some trick new polymers and clever rubber science has improved the Specialized enduro and downhill tyre offering.

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The Big Red S is deploying superior polymer technology with its gravity tyres, denoted by new alphanumerical guidance.

According to Specialized, it has sourced new formulations for its Specialized Butcher, Specialized Hillbilly and Specialized Eliminator tyre compounds, providing more grip and improved sidewall damping characteristics. The symbols that guide riders (and buyers) to evaluate Specialized’s upgraded tyre technology are marked by T5, T7 and T9 sidewall codes.

It all works on a sliding scale, with the T9 compound being grippiest and having a slower structural rebound. For those downhill and enduro riders who launch every jump, drop any ledge and rush all rock gardens, the T9 compounds more responsive rubber dynamics will prove valuable when riding on the limit.

Mixing the ingredients for a grippier tyre recipe

Specialized is launching its new tyre T9 compound as a total tread casing for the Butcher and mud-terrain specific Hillbilly, which are its dedicated downhill tyres. Both these now feature T9 rubber across their tread surface, from the edge blocks to centre thread.

The Eliminator uses a blend of T9 and T7, the latter comprising its centre tread, slightly reducing rolling resistance and benefitting durability. As most enduro riders would use the Eliminator as a rear tyre, its harder wearing T7 center blocks make a great deal of sense.

Within Specialized’s new compound hierarchy, T5 is the fastest rolling option and expected debut broadly in the brand’s XC targeted tyres, soon.

The T7/9 rubber compounds launch with 27.5in and 29in versions of the Butcher, Eliminator and Hillbilly, in either 2.3in or 2.6in widths.

For those hard-charging enduro and downhill riders who have their suspension and tyre pressures completely dialled, the upgraded compounds might deliver that last margin of terrain feedback and confidence.