Yellow, light and not cheap. These are Pirelli's new inner tubes.

Tubeless tyres and inserts have replaced the need for inner tubes, but the latter remain handy for an emergency.

Although most contemporary tubeless rims and tyres pair exceptionally well, with inserts an option for those riders who need a bit more support when racing downhill courses, the inner tube still has its purpose.

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Pirelli makes a traditional product better

Sealant and plugs might remedy most punctures, but when that sniper root or rock edge gashes a sidewall severely enough, you’ll probably need an inner tube to reinflate the casing. And keep you rolling, for a careful ride home.

Pirelli has launched its new SmarTubes range, which promises to be a more advanced inner tube.

Made from thermoplastic polyurethane, these inner tubes are 70% lighter than legacy butyl tubes and fold into a smaller package, making them less burdensome to carry in a jersey pocket or hip bag.

Much easier to carry

Capable of folding to only half the size of a traditional rubber inner tube, Pirelli’s SmarTubes are available in three sizes.

The lightest SmarTubes option is a 29×1.8/2.2”, at only 75g. If you are running a larger casing trail or enduro tyre that need an inner tube to reinflate, for that ride home, there is the 29×2.2/2.6 SmarTubes variant, weighing 100g.

Although there isn’t a 26” version (sorry, old-school downhill riders), Pirelli is supporting its 27.5” customers, with a 2.2/2.6” SmarTube, which adds only 95g to whichever pocket you stow it in.

Finished in Pirelli’s signature yellow, the SmarTubes retail for £27.99 and come equipped with a Presta valve.