Popty ping!

While none of us here in the mbr office are actually Welsh, we still think Wales is a mountain bike mecca worth celebrating. Popty ping and all that innit.

So, in particular order, here are the reasons that we make the trip out west at least once every month.

bikepark wales

Good times guaranteed at BikePark Wales (Pic: Laurence Crossman-Emms)

1. World class bike parks

Wales’ bike parks offer some of the best riding in the country. Fact.

More often than not we will take our test bikes for at least one trip to Bike Park Wales simply because the level of riding there is perfect for testing every aspect of a bike’s character.

Don’t let Bike Park Wales steal all the headlines though. There’s also Revolution, Antur Stiniog and the Black Mountain Cycle Centre that can provide gravity fed thrills. Actually, now we think of it, it might be time for a road trip…

2. The original trail centres

It’s not just the nu-skool bike parks that provide fantastic man-made riding in Wales though. The very first British trail centres originated in Wales with some of them being more than 20 years old

They’ve stood the test of time simply due to the amazing standards of trails they provide. Our favourite is Coed-y-Brenin because we heard there’s a trail named after a pretty quality magazine there. Ahem.

3. Britain’s best races

Without Wales, the British Downhill Series would struggle to exist. Tracks such as Molfre, Llangollen, and Rheola are written into British mountain biking folklore. It’s also a breeding ground for young talent, look no further than Mike Jones, who is currently serving as a mentee under Sam Hill.

Wales also has a burgeoning enduro scene and is home to Britain’s only stage race in the form of the Epic Cymru. If all this is a bit tame for you, there’s always the Red Bull Hardline.

Snowdon - Laurence Crossman-Emms

4. Stunning countryside

Wales has some simply stunning countryside. From the high peaks of Snowdonia to the coastal clifftops of the Gower peninsula there are a wealth of rides that give you a truly ‘out there’ feeling.

If we had to recommend one ride then it’s hard to look past Snowdon, an outing that should be on every British mountain biker’s bucket list.

Trek Remedy 9 29 longterm Jamie riding

5. Improving access

Unless you were hiding under a rock last summer you will no doubt have heard about the Trails for Wales campaign. The aim was to improve access for mountain bikers in Wales so it could hopefully compete with the Scottish open access model.

The campaign was a huge success with nearly 4,000 mountain bikers writing to the Welsh Government. Read our recent exciting update on the situation.


Credit: Wikipedia

6. You can learn a new language

They say that one language sets you in a corridor for life, two languages open every door along the way. Ok, so Welsh may not be the most widely spoken language in the world but without visiting would you know that Y Mynydd means mountain or Tarw Du means Black Bull? We thought not!