Shimano's largest ever e-bike batteries boost riding capacity, but may not fit older bikes

New 630Wh batteries to extend your range and a new computer display add to choice for Shimano STEPS ebike riders.

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Shimano press release


Shimano has introduced three new e-bike batteries into its SHIMANO STEPS line-up including internal and external versions of its 630Wh largest capacity batteries for even longer rides.

• The high-performance BT-E8036 becomes Shimano’s largest integrated battery with a range-expanding 630Wh capacity. However, according to UK distributors, Madison, it’s physically larger than the E8035 fitted to many bikes currently on the market. That means it may not fit older models, and riders looking to upgrade their bikes to gain extra range, will need to check with the manufacturer of their bike before purchasing. We’ll try and find out from brands who have recently launched STEPS-equipped models whether their bikes will be compatible with the new battery. Watch this space.

• The BT-E8035-L integrated battery retains the same dimensions but comes with a smaller 504Wh capacity and a faster 4-hour charging time (80% charge in 2.5 hours).

• As well as the two downtube integrated options, the new 630Wh BT-E8016 becomes Shimano’s largest external battery, coming with a new fitting port, the BM-E8016 battery mount.

Much like other SHIMANO STEPS batteries, the new BT-E8036, BT-E8035-L and BT-E8016 offer an extremely long lifetime. Even after 1000 full charge cycles (which would take 19 years of once a week charges to reach!) the new batteries will still hold 60% of their capacity. This means you can focus on the trail rather than on your battery indicator.

With these new SHIMANO STEPS additions customers now have the choice of 10 batteries with either rear carrier, external type or downtube-integrated positions and faster-charging 418Wh or 504Wh batteries or extended riding capacity 630Wh options.


A new addition is coming to SHIMANO STEPS urban e-bike controls that will make handlebar set ups even cleaner.

The new SC-E5000 unified cycle computer display comes with integrated switches for ramping up or down the SHIMANO STEPS assist level. Additional buttons allow for connected lights to be switched on/off and for accessing display menus.

The SC-E5000 computer is compatible with existing SHIMANO STEPS system, allowing consumers to upgrade their existing e-bikes.

All new SHIMANO STEPS products are expected on the market in summer 2020. Please contact local distributors for pricing and detailed availability.