That's 38mm in new money

If you’re on the lookout for a fattest grips possible then there’s a new leader: the 38mm diameter Sensus Meaty Paws from freeride legend Kyle Strait.

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Sensus Meaty Paws grip need to know

  • Oversized 38mm diameter grip
  • Oversized 150m length
  • Semi flanged design
  • Single lock collar
  • Integrated end caps
  • Grip colours: black, gum or red
  • Collar colours: Foxxy orange, blood red, chrome, black, royal blue, Itskashimabro, green apple, purp
  • SRP $32.99 (£UK TBC)

For those of you who don’t measure your grips obsessively, a typical lock-on grip is around 30mm diameter (the 29mm-31mm range is common).

If you wanted fatter grips you could go for the excellent ODI Elite Pro grip (32mm diameter) or alt. grips such as the push-on silicone ESI Extra Chunky grips (34mm diameter).

Kyle sez

“This idea all started over a decade ago racing World Cups. I had run the same grip style my whole life because I thought that was the only option. I was having trouble holding on while riding the long tracks in Europe. My mechanic at the time and long time homie @baileyslife_ suggested my grips were too small for my hand size. After some convincing from him, a whole roll of electrical tape, and some OG slide on Swayzes later, we came up with the Meaty Paw. After two laps my knuckles and hands had no more pain. I felt as if I was holding onto something made from Zeus himself. I realized at that moment I’d been doing it wrong the whole time. With the bigger diameter grip I could hold on much better and it even took out a lot of the small bump vibrations. Since then I’ve done a lot of testing with all sizes of hands on the Meaty Paws and found that not only people with big hands have an advantage, people that don’t ride as much or people coming back from hand/wrist injuries also benefited from the Meaty Paws. The simple fact that there is more rubber to the grip takes away a ton of the vibration from whatever you are ripping through. Thank you Sensus for making this a reality and for the rest of you, you are welcome.”

Sensus sez

“We wanted to make Kyle the grip of his dreams sparing no expense in modern science. By combining our thinnest interior sleeve with an oversized diameter, we achieved a grip that not only dampens small bumps but provides superior grip. Using the softest rubber ever used by our American factory has allowed for supple grips, while maintaining a quality that outlasts the competition. With a need for oversized grips in every discipline from XC Foamiez to DH Double-Wrapped, this was a no brainer.”