Great bike. Amazing deal.


Hold on to your horses, this is one swift plastic pony at a bargain price that’s sure to fly out of the stables (can we stop talking in equine metaphors now?)

150mm travel trail bike with a carbon frame that sports Spesh’s famous SWAT ‘down tube wardrobe’ technology. Sorted geometry, four-bar suspension and a well thought out spec sheet. We’re amazed there’s actually any of these bikes still available at Black Friday time but there you go. We assume most people have been sucked into overbike-ing themselves with the Spesh Enduro that gets all the attention.

The Stumpjumper bike name has been part of the Specialized range since way back in 1981. It was one of the very first commercially available off-the-peg mountain bikes.

n case you were wondering what the ‘FSR’ acronym means, technically it means ‘Front Suspension and Rear [suspension]’. This is historical acronym that dates back to when suspension forks came out (Stumpjumpers with sus forks were dubbed ‘FS’). When rear suspension came along, they added the ‘R’, hence ‘FSR’.

Although it’s changed massively over the years, from a fully rigid steel bike with 26in wheels to a carbon full suspension Plus bike (amongst other variants), the Stumpjumper has always remained constant in one aspect: it’s a trail bike.

What is a trail bike? Basically it’s a normal, Jack-of-all-trades mountain bike. It’s not a race bike. It’s not a jump bike. A trail bike is a bike for doing what 99% of mountain bikers do 99% of the time.