Mad Max, your e-bike is here.

The burly Risse Voltinator is an electric bike with attitude. A Hummer SUV sort of attitude.

Those of you who have been mountain biking a while may remember the name Risse Racing. They were one of the early pioneers of air sprung rear shocks and suspension forks. Well, they popped back on to the radar with a new e-bike and what an e-bike it is!

(Okay, so it’s more of an electric motorbike than a pedal-assist e-bike really. But still, it’s eye-catching enough for us to feature.)

Risse Voltinator

risse voltinator

The standard Voltinator frame features an integrated structural 44-volt battery box. The 750 watt electric motor is in the rear hub. Top speed is a claimed 20 mph. So this bike would fall foul of the UK’s e-bike restrictions that limit power to 500w and speed to 15mph.

The supplied battery should last for a 35 mile trip depending on a variety of factors. The battery box can actually accept even larger batteries even you wanted to go further.

Risse Voltinator DIY

risse voltinator

For more overt off-road action there is the Risse DIY Kite-bike.

Other options include a Raspberry Pi 3 control panel and a phone charger.

But that’s not all. There is also this…

Risse Super Voltinator

risse voltinator

This mammoth has a 96 volt battery, a 5,000 watt motor and a top speed of 50 mph.

Are you telling me that you wouldn’t hop on that and give it a shred if someone offered? Of course you would! It’s Mad Max-tastic.

The standard Voltinator is $4,995. The Super Voltinator is $8,995. A DIY Kit for a frame is $2,995. A Voltinator DIY Kite-Bike is $3,995.

Risse Bachelor Dual Disc Single Crown Fork

Yep, they still make their bonkers double-disc forks. Good to see. Keep pushing the boundaries Risse Racing!