The new extreme sports game from Ubisoft is a whole world of various outdoor action sports with loads of play options and customisation on offer


1. Variety of extreme sports

You can opt to do a bit of mountain biking – either a bit of ramp action slopestyle, or enduro stlye trail ripping or even some for some downhill racing.

Or you can opt some snowier stuff. Ski and snowboard down the slopes in a snowpark, backcountry or even snowbound urban environments. Or satisfy your competitive compulsion with alpine, X-Cross or freeride races.

Or leave terra firma behind altogether and go full speed, tearing up the skies in epic Rocket Wing races.

2. Massive open world

From snowy mountains to arid canyons, roam free in a huge open world comprised of iconic US national parks, all mashed up into one unique place for you to play in however you choose.

3. Multiplayer modes

Don’t miss the epic all-out mass start races with more than 50(!) players.

Or show everyone who’s boss in PvP (player versus player) events all around the map in races and trick competitions.

4. Career mode

Rise to the top of the leaderboard in Career Mode and try out six different career progressions in either solo or PvP.

Build up your records through championship seasons – see if you can win Red Bull Rampage or perhaps The X Games.

5. Customisation

Embrace the rider spirit as you join the community of daring thrill-seekers.

Get sweet new gear for your rider and bike of choice to express your own unique style.

Be who you want to be, and ride with pride!

Go to the Riders Republic trial

Have fun!