Getting rad at Redmires

After the huge success of Lady Canning’s, Ride Sheffield is hoping to crowd fund another trail, this time at the Redmires reservoirs.

Redmires is located roughly 7 miles from the centre of Sheffield and Ride Sheffiled is hoping to develop a blue graded flow trail, similar to what is already in place at Lady Canning’s, but with the possibility of red and black options due to the steeper gradient.

The advocacy group will need to raise £45,000 to complete the trail centre that it has already nicknamed RADmires. It is hoping to raise the money through donations and community projects with the first £1,250 already funded by a raffle.

The project already has a green light from John Dallow of Sheffield City Council for a 1.8 km descent that can be accessed from Radmires Road. If the funding goes to plan, Ride Sheffield would aim to open this in Summer 2017.

Click here to watch Steve Peat and Annie Last open Lady Canning’s

The Lady Canning’s project was Britain’s first crowd funded trail centre and raised £75,000 between public donations, local business donations and a major contribution from Go Outdoors. It has recorded over 1,000 runs per week on Strava and there are plans for further trails to be built in 2016.

If you wish to donate to the project you can do so using these bank details:


Or you can donate via Paypal. The address for Paypal payments is: