As if you needed an excuse

If you’ve only just recovered from World Emoji Day – which was yesterday 🙂 – brace yourself for a day devoted to mountain bikes this Friday.

And because a Special Day is nothing if there isn’t an attendant hashtag, here is the official tag you can spray all over Instagram and the Twitters…


If you’re wondering where should you go and ride your bike this Friday, we’re here to help.

If you’re a normal person with a proper job then you’ll just have to squeeze in a local jaunt after work. Read our How to find the time to ride feature for help in this regard.

If you’re lucky enough to have the day off on Friday then you should check out our famous list of the 20 best mountain bike trails in the UK list, or maybe our 23 best mountain bike descents in the UK rundown?

International Ride MTB Day is this Friday, July 20th! @foxmtb & @Snow_Summit have partnered for an epic day of riding. First 100 bike park tickets are free (first come first serve). There will be bike park clinics and giveaways all day. Blow off all your obligations and come ride with us at #snowsummitbikepark for #ridemtday! @ridemtbday

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“Who’s behind Internation Ride Mountain Bike Day?” you may well ask.

Fox Racing is the nominal leader here (see statement below) but there’s nothing to stop anyone or brand getting on board.

Fox Racing, the global leader in MX and MTB gear and apparel, announces its support and participation in the first annual “International Ride Mountain Bike Day”. Otherwise known as #RideMTBDay, the movement is composed of decentralized, community-based events that take place around the globe with mountain bike brands, media, professionals, retailers, parks and local riders everywhere each showing their love and support for the sport of mountain biking by holding group rides, fundraisers, races and demos on JULY 20 – EVERY YEAR.

On this day, they’ll gather together at local trails, bike parks, and bike shops or even enjoy a solitary ride alone at their favorite spot, all bringing riders all over the world together to make it this an official holiday for mountain biking.

“The sport of Mountain Biking has an incredible culture and Ride MTB Day is a great way to celebrate it. #RIDEMTBDAY is NOT a Fox owned event. Our goal is to have the concept adopted by the ENTIRE industry and raise mountain bike awareness and participation. We look forward to more and more brands and retailers supporting #RIDEMTBDAY year after year.” – Dave Ahumada, Global Marketing Manager, Fox MTB.