It's all about the protein, baby

Mars protein products are a thing now. Mars bars and Snickers bars are now available with 18g/19g of protein stuffed into them.

Not only that but there’s going to be M&M, Bounty and Galaxy ‘trail mixes’.

In a press release from newly assigned UK distributors Madison it states: “There is no doubt that the protein trend is here to stay with sales of protein predicted to grow to £358m by 2018. Protein bars is a fast growing category with sales valued at £22m, increasing by +58.4% & £8.2m compared to last year.”

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The Mars and Snickers bars will be have 200 calories and come with a rather startling £2.19 RRP.

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Oliver Collins, Senior Brand Manager at Madison, said: “We are confident that this Mars range of products will go down very well with our network of retailers.”

We bet they will. Staff noms!