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There’s something quite invigorating about the broad grassy whaleback ridges of the South Downs. What this region lacks in technical challenges and big mountains, it more than makes up for with climbs that can be ridden to the top, wide-sweeping views, and broad well-surfaced tracks that invite you to really get your head down and spin.

This ride is archetypal in every way. Fit and focussed riders will tackle it without a break in concentration; stopping only to grapple with gates and check the map. Whilst mere mortals can turn into more of an outing: turning the cranks at the kind of pace that allows them to savour the views.

The opening stages are tough, with steep tarmac to start with, and even steeper chalk and pebbles up to The Burgh – clean this one and you’ll manage everything else. But then it steadies slightly, with a more cruisy section down to Burpham and a mixture of tarmac and easy bridleway into the Angmering Estate.

This marks a turning point and things feel a little more full-on from this point. First along a wonderful stretch of narrow dirt that traces the top of a very steep bank at Barpham, then with a fast and open drop onto Wepham Down.

Chalky double track makes quick work of the next drop to Lee Farm, where a long steady climb leads up to the South Downs Way. With no more navigation to think about, it’s a straightforward rollercoaster ride over Rackham Hill and back down to Amberley. But watch out for the steep sections just before the road.