We’ve long admired Chris Porter and the folks over at Mojo for their willingness to push the boundaries of sizing and geometry with the Geomotron bikes and it looks like they won’t be slowing down any time soon as they have just unveiled their first ever World Cup downhill bike.

For those not familiar with the Geomotron concept, these bikes are spawned deep in the heart of Wales (well, Newport) and emerge longer, slacker and lower than any bikes we’ve ever seen before. Chris Porter has always been outspoken about bike sizing and these frames are his legacy.

The original Geomoetron had a 63° head angle, 340mm BB height and a wheelbase of 1,310mm (Longest) – that’s significantly more relaxed than even a Forward Geometry equipped Mondraker. Recently the bikes have got even madder as we found out when we took the gearbox equipped Geomotron Ion GPI for a spin.

For 2016,  there’s going to be a prototype downhill Geomotron racing on the World Cup circuit and the first images of it emerged yesterday. To be fair, you could probably easily run a standard Geomotron down a downhill track but this one has been specifically made to go as fast as possible on the roughest tracks on the planet.

The bikes will be piloted by the One Vision Global Racing team that features Jack Reading and George Gannicott, who finished 35th and 70th respectively in last season’s World Cup overall.

We can’t give you any numbers or specs on these bikes just yet, but they’re sure to be pretty radical. This team could be ones to watch when the World Cup season rolls around in April.