Eureka! Or you-creaker?

Introducing the Zick-Zack – the stem you can change the length and rise of as you ride along.

In the seemingly never ending quest to have a shape-shifting bike that climbs well and descend well, a new challenger has entered the ring.

We’ve had adjustable travel forks. There’s even been whole bikes that change their geometry at the push of a button.

Gotta love a GIF

Gotta love a GIF

The Zick-Zack is something a bit different. And arguably a bit late in the game. Just as the bike industry is realising how to make bikes that climb well and descend well without having to change any setting or geometry angle on them (longer top tubes and steeper seat angles essentially), here comes the Zick-Zack stem.

The idea behind it is that when you’re climbing, the Zick-Zack is set to long-and-low mode and when you’re descending it’s set to the short and high mode.


A mountainous graph

Here’s how the Zick-Zack crew explain it…

“Bikers need to be able to adjust their stem on the ride

“Due to the varying riding conditions and trail profiles bikers need to optimize their driving positions on the ride

“Zick-Zack gives you the best riding position without having to compromise.

“More back wheel grip, steering control and responsiveness for safer downhill rides.

“More front wheel grip, comfort and efficiency for competitive uphill climbs without causing back pain.”

The stem length/rise (and thus your riding position) is changed via a remote control on the handlebar near the grip.

We don’t know how much it’ll cost or when it will be available to buy. We’re not even sure of the lengths and rises that the two different modes equate to. We’ll update this page when we know more.