Dual head / Non-threaded 16g CO2 cartridge / Presta or Schrader compatible / Weight: 200g (with cartridge)
Contact: www.extrauk.co.uk

Combining a CO2 cartridge with a mini-pump isn’t a new idea, but Topeak’s Two Timer has an indicator that shows when the cartridge is primed and ready for use. The CO2 is ideal for quick fixes in cross-country races or enduros and one 16g cartridge will inflate a standard 2.1in tyre to around 28-29psi. In theory, the mini-pump can be used to top up the tyre or from the start if you run out of cartridges. The problem we found is that 100 strokes will only inflate the tyre to 10psi, 200 strokes to 20psi and 250 strokes, when it becomes impossible to compress the pump anymore, to 22.5psi. This will get you home but it’s not as effective
(or as comfortable to use) as a standard pump, and realistically can’t be used to top up a tyre with more than 25psi in it. All of which means you’re better off with a One Timer (Topeak’s basic CO2 inflator) and a separate mini-pump, of which Topeak makes many.