£21.99 for four pairs / Guaranteed
Contact: www.superstar-components.com

We get through pads like no one’s business at this time of year; one muddy ride often sees them down to the metal and with replacement pads costing around £15 a pair it can also prove expensive.
Web-based mail order firm Superstar may have the answer. It’s selling brakes pads to fit all the major brakes and models on the market for less than £7 a pair. It can do this because it cuts out shops and other middle men, which if you go on certain industry forums is apparently bad for business but there’s no doubting the pads are the cheapest around. Plus, if you do ride more in the winter, it might mean good news for shops in terms of repairs and other spares when they’re at their least busy.
Superstar uses the same copper-based compound on all of its pads, and the Avid pads we tried offered good power and so far have proved reasonably durable. If you do a lot of winter riding or are stocking up for a 24-hour race, Superstar pads are a bargain.