New grippier tyre compound for all its best selling treads.

New Specialized Gripton sticky rubber compound for its most popular tyres. Featuring in the Butcher, Slaughter, Purgatory and Ground Control.

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Though arguably not quite as exciting as the launch of the new Specialized Levo Carbon, Specialized has also launched a new rubber compound version of its most popular trail and enduro tyres. Dubbed Gripton, it sees its origins not in the dirt but on the road.

Specialized Gripton

Now then, we don’t currently have all that much info about the tyres yet. If you’re reading this then, like us, you’ll want to know all about the durometers, the widths, the wheel sizes, the carcass, is it a new Grid casing etc etc.

So here’s what we know so far.

The Gripton compound has been utilised by pro road teams for the past few seasons. And with their help it has been developed to produce reassured grip in all conditions. All the time without compromising rolling resistance or increasing wear rates.

One of the further benefits that tests have revealed is an increase in vibration dampening. So the tyres should work with your suspension to create a better ride.

The formula has been fine tuned for trail use and will be available firstly as an option for the Butcher, Slaughter, Purgatory and Ground Control tread patterns.

We have been sent some early samples, so will be putting them to the test and letting you know our thoughts very soon.