From the ground up, the 2FO has been completely revamped for 2018

If you have ever ridden clipped-in you will probably know that Specialized make some of the comfiest and best performing shoes within that market. Making a shoe for flat pedal use though, however, turns out to be a completely different kettle of fish. The original Specialized 2FO (Foot Out, Flat Out – get it?!) shoe had a reputation for being a bit wooden. The super stiff sole unit, whilst great for pedalling efficiency, left a slightly disconnected feel between rider and pedal. Coupled that with an outsole that used too hard a rubber meant it fell a little wide of the mark.

Specialized 2FO 2.0

The new 2FO 2.0. The sole features a new softer and grippier rubber compound.

But the old 2FO is dead, step forward the new 2F0 version 2.0. Specialized pretty much threw away the old shoe and started from scratch to create the new 2FO. Okay, they kept some features, like the super comfy Body Geometry insole and angled midsole (to create a better foot position for cycling) and still has areas of Air Mesh weather repellent material on the upper, but you get the drift. Working closely with the likes of The Coastal Crew, Specialized sought to address the 2FO’s failings and to create a shoe better than any other on the market.

When to pump and when to pedal

As well as the properly bright Hyper Yellow colour, the 2.0 will be available in this subtler Black/red version.

So what’s new?

  • Gone is the old SlipNot 60a rubber outsole, in comes the new SlipNot 2.0 rubber. Specialized say this is the softest, most durable and grippiest rubber it has ever used. The sole also features recesses at the toe and heel to create grip pockets for walking stability on the trail.
  • The 2FO has been put on a diet. Compared to the original, the new 2F0 2.0 is over 200 grams lighter per shoe. We put the shoes on the scales to check, not just copied from a press release.
  • Sole stiffness has been reduced across the whole shoe. The new 2FO is more supple than the original for better pedal feel but still retains a lot of pedalling efficiency for long term comfort.
  • Upper cushioning has been improved for better protection from rocks and impacts. The new shoe now uses Protectiona captured foam across the entire shoe.

Grip for pedalling, grip for walking. The new SlipNot 2.0 outsole.

For the first time the 2FO will be available in two models plus female specific sizing and colours. The top level 2.0 features more protection and is suited for all styles of riding up to downhill. joining it is a new 2FO 1.0 shoe, it’s a little stripped back and features a super comfy internal bootie. It should have a little more appeal for casual riders as well as riders wanting an even lighter flat pedal shoe.

Specialized 2FO 1.0

The 2FO 1.0 in stealthy black.

Specialized 2FO 2.0

Or Dynamite Panther anyone?

Prices are £130.00 for the top level 2fo 2.0 and £100.00 for the 2FO 1.0.

Several MBR staffers are testing the new shoes as we speak so should have our first impressions for you soon.

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Stock is due in stores imminently, just pester your local dealer for more information.