Who needs a 4x4 when you can have a 2x1?

When Whistler local Craig Wilson’s Land Rover Discovery broke down, there was no way in hell he was going to pedal his downhill bike the 10km from home to the trails. So, on a tight budget, he bought a clapped-out scooter and made some modifications, welding on a rack to pull his way to the bike park.

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“I soon wanted an upgrade,” Craig tells mbr. “I wanted a gas gauge and a more modern scooter, so I got a 50cc Honda Jazz. That was a little too slow for my liking, so I did some research and decided on a Yamaha two-stroke as the next rig platform, and upgraded the engine, exhaust and clutch.”

Craig evolved the rack system you see here for the new scooter, with a cradle for the front wheel for easy loading.

“Since I’ve finished the rack I was asked by a close friend if I could do another one, and now we’re like a gang of bike park scooter goers,” Craig says.