Two of our trail shredding buddies have have been in the gym over the winter, and have come back looking moe pumped up than last time we saw them…

Schwalbe has launched its first plus sized tyres with the Nobby Nic and Rocket Ron treads both getting the pumped up treatment.

They form part of a whole raft of plus sized products being announced for the start of the season, such as the Trek Stache hardtail we brought to you yesterday.

Nobby Nic 27+

The Nobby Nic 650b+

Both tyres will be available in 2.8 inch or 3 inch width. The tread patterns remain the same to the thinner models so the Rocket Ron will be a lighter tyre that should roll well while the Nobby Nic is heavier but hopes to provide higher grip and durability.

The Nobby Nic will be available in Schwalbe’s Pacestar or Trailstar compunds. Schwalbe claim the Pacestar, designed for less intense riding, is faster with soft sidewalls, whereas the Trailstar gives better damping and control. The Rocket Ron is only available in the Pacestar compound.

At 2.8 inches wide, the Nobby Nic will weigh 820 grams per tyre in both compounds and with a 3 inch width it will weigh 870 grams. This is a weight gain of 190 grams on a standard 27.5 inch Nobby Nic.

The Rocket Ron

The Rocket Ron

The 2.8 inch Rocket Ron will weigh 695 grams or 785 grams depending on whether you pick a liteskin or snakeskin sidewall and the 3 inch will weigh 730 grams or 820 grams.

The tyres will be available to buy aftermarket this autumn and will cost

Schwalbe will continue to make the Nobby Nic and Rocket Ron tyres in conventional sizing. They currently have no plans to create a 29+ sized tyre.