Injection-moulded design / Anti-sway spring buckle straps / Built in ratcheting bike straps / Accepts up to three bikes / Fits most cars / Also available in grey, red, pink, blue and green / Lifetime warranty /

Spicing up a dull staple, the Transformer-esque Bones 3 balances contemporary aesthetics with day-to-day bike-carrying functionality. Consisting of four independent, injection-moulded plastic arms adjusted on a large central aluminium spline, once the desired arch is achieved rubber feet ensure a solid, scratch-free purchase on back window and bumper. Tiered top tube cradles and integral ratcheting straps hold bikes securely in place with an added down tube strap for the frame mounted closest to the car. Tethering the package are six adjustable nylon straps threaded through the main spindle, attaching to the top, side and bottom of the boot via vinyl-coated labelled hooks to avoid tantrums. The only slight concern is that the upper straps should, strictly speaking, be attached to the solid structure of the boot to cope with the loading forces of carrying bikes, not always possible with integral upper-boot spoilers. Even with careful adjustment and bike mounting, the number plate also remains partially obscured, so get a back-up to avoid Plod on long runs. This said, the Bones still has a lot going for it, from simple fitting to lightweight collapsibility and the environmentally conscious use of 100 per cent recyclable, non-rusting materials.