Hardened steel and welded construction/80 or 100mm bolts
Contact: www.torc-anchors.com

Sometimes you have to store your bike outside. It’s risky from an insurance point of view, but Pragmasis has a solution. The Shed Shackle bolts to the shed supports and provides a secure anchor point to which you can padlock your bike. It’s made from hardened steel and is held with ‘shear nuts.’ It can be customised to fit and features side braces to ward off levering attacks.
Removing the Shackle is still possible but the thief will take a big piece of the shed wall with it, and the bike will still be padlocked in place, so he won’t be riding it away.
Most security products act as deterrents and, while a determined thief may not be easily put off, the Shed Shackle will make the local toe-rags who’ve have broken into your shed as a dare think twice. In this respect it’s worth every penny.