Weight: 360g / CT-6 folding chain tool / Tyre levers / Double-ended spoke wrench / Open-end wrench (8, 9 and 10mm) / IB-1 mini fold-up hex wrench/ GP-2 pre-glued patch kit, TB-1 tyre boot
Contact: www.ultimatepursuits.co.uk

A mini tool kit rather than a single tool, the PPM-3 has everything you need for most trail-side fixes. It includes a top quality chain tool and spoke wrench, new (harder) tyre levers that don’t flex or break, glueless patches that really work, and an emergency tyre boot just in case you rip a sidewall. The IB-1 multi is a bit flimsy and the 8mm is useless, but it’s good for minor adjustments. All the tools fit neatly into a nylon wallet, which offers protection against dirt and rust and there’s a pocket for other items like shock pump adapters or loose Allen keys.