The new gold standard for arm pump, grip fatigue and sore hands?


ODI has teamed up with D3O for its latest grip in an effort to increase shock absorption and reduce hand pain and fatigue on long descents. Called the Vanquish, ODI reckons its new grips will reduce twice as much vibration as its own standard compound grips.

That’s quite a claim given that the Vanquish is still a modest 32.75mm in diameter, but it’s the use of a new compound called D3O Grip that makes it possible, ODI says. The traditional D3O material is famous for becoming harder or more viscous under impact, but Grip is entirely new, ODI says, and designed specifically to increase damping and reducing trail buzz.

D3O is a non-newtonian polymer, which means its viscosity increased under impact… in the real world that could mean better damping

ODI already makes some of the best mountain bike grips around, with the new Reflex particularly good for riders who suffer from numb hands. Add in the celebrated orange polymer here then, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the claims were well founded.

ODI Vanquish grip need to know

  • Colab between ODI and UK brand D3O, to bring better damping to grips
  • Comes in one size: 32.75mm diameter, 135mm length
  • v2.1 Lock-On Single Clamp retention to increase grip space
  • Double reinforced ends with TPE used
  • Comes in Black, Graphite, Orange, and more colours expected
  • Retails at £39.99, which is much more than the most of the competition
  • Traditional D3O is no stranger to mountain bikers, it’s found on the best mountain bike kneepads

ODI says using D30 gives a more damped feel without as much vibration

Vanquish grip power

ODI’s reputation has always been stellar when it comes to grip and tackiness, and it’s keen to point out that the new Vanquish hasn’t thrown out all that good feel and connection with the bike. The grip uses a multi-layer grip pattern to increase the surface area with your hand, thereby increasing both the damping effect and traction on the bike.

The pattern is certainly different to anything else from the Californian brand, like the original Ruffian or latest Vans waffle pattern. The lugs are much more pronounced, and underneath your fingers is a zigzag pattern. 

Vanquish lock-on

Like most modern grips, the Vanquish uses a lock-on attachment, with the ODI v2.1 Lock-On System using one clamp on the inside. There are also double reinforced ends to protect both your hands and the bar, with a TPE layer wrapping around the end of the grip. The TPE is exposed on the lower half too, the area that’s most likely to come into contact with the ground.

ODI has also built a small flange on the inside designed to protect your hands from the controls. Check back in later in the summer for a full review.