Have BMC spotted this?

The Killswitch on Kickstarter will give you the ability to operate your dropper post and your rear shock’s lockout/compression via a single remote lever.

We’ve just stumbled across this on Kickstarter. The Killswitch is an aftermarket product that you can seemingly stick on any existing full suspension bike that has a dropper post and two-position compression/lockout lever.


The Killswitch is mounted on the dropper post and the rear shock. On the rear shock there’s a band-clamp that fits around the shock body and a lever bracket that mounts around the compression/lockout adjuster.

There is no remote lever with the Killswitch. The idea is that you use your dropper post lever to actuate the Killswitch.

Actually, it looks like the Killswitch is operated by being in contact (or not) with the seat clamp of your dropper post. So some careful positioning of Killswitch red-tipped-spring-thing on the seat post shaft is required.

No doubt the designers are prepared for loads of “I wonder how long that will survive in the mud?” comments from British internetters.

With the saddle up the Killswitch puts the rear shock in lockout/firm setting. With the saddle dropped the Killswitch opens up the rear shock’s compression damping.


Yes, it does sound a bit like the BMC Trailsync dropper post that we reviewed last week but it’s very much a different approach and execution. There’s no integration with the Killswitch; it can be added (and removed) from any bike.

It’s on Kickstarter, so it’s obviously not a commercially available product yet. The makers have only so far made and tested protoypes with a few RockShox rear shocks but they are confident that they can accommodate and make Killswitches for any rear shock and dropper combo.

The Kickstarter pledge/pricing starts from is $95 for a Killswitch.

At the moment they raised nearly $10,000. Their goal is $15,000. The Kickstarter funding expires on July 27th.