No it's not a tyre lever


Hutchinson Conec’Tires is a tiny digital air pressure sensor that fits inside your rim and tyre that can transmit live tyre pressure data back to the rider.

Hutchinson Conectires tells you

  • Tyre pressure (within 0/01Bar accuracy)
  • Slow puncture warning
  • Sealant levels
  • Recommendations for the best tyre pressure for your riding style

hutchinson conectires

You read that correctly. This unassuming bit of plastic is a tyre geek’s dream come true. Hutchinson ConectTires gives live data and analysis of your tyre performance.

On the Hutchinson stand, in a clear plastic case; this tiny 3D-printed prototype probably garnered more interest than most of the bikes showcased within the halls of this year’s Eurobike.

It transpires that this unassuming object is what Hutchinson call Conec’Tires. What is it? Well, it’s a tiny digital air pressure sensor that fits inside a rim that can transmit live tyre pressure data back to the rider.

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Hi-tech data capture

Weighing a mere 12 grams – a weight that Hutchinson understandably state is unnoticeable when riding – it uses the tubeless valve stem to keep it in place inside the rim.

Packed inside its tiny body is a sensor array powered by two tiny watch style batteries. The sensors are designed to transmit data via Bluetooth or ANT+ back to an app on your smartphone to keep track of what’s going on inside your tyres.

Before a ride, type in your specific tyre (Hutchinson tyres only at the moment) plus other parameters, such as your weight and riding style, into the app and it will check current pressure and suggest changes if needed.

Compared to most relatively inaccurate gauges, Hutchinson claim it’s accuracy is to within 0.01Bar. Hutchinson also say that it should also be able to determine sealant levels before a ride.

Is that a phantom puncture?

During a ride the Conec’Tires will alert you to a puncture. No tjust obvious instant blow out pinch flat deflations but slow punctures too.

Yep, it will even advise if you are suffering from a slow loss of air. This should see the end to the paranoid thumb test every few minutes.

The Conec’Tires samples and transmits data every second. This can be sped up or decreased depending on whether accurate data or battery efficiency is the preference of the rider.

Help with your ideal tyre setup

The other neat trick the Conec’Tires can do is give the rider telemetry data after the ride. Accelerometers in the unit can identify rate of lean and lean angles, if it doesn’t like how the tyre was behaving it will suggest pressure changes to get the most out the tyres. So in a way it’s a little like a Shockwiz for your tyres.

Currently still in prototype form, when it’s released next year it looks to be an exciting prospect.