You were nothing at Eurobike without a Hammerschmidt equipped bike: expect to see a lot of these next year.
Here we have Euro brand Centurion (who were the only brand we spotted to have gone to the trouble of colour coding their cranks – nice), Lapierre and Scott, all sporting the uibiquitous device.

Orange did things a little differently by putting the Hammerschmidt on a hardtail. Interesting, but perhaps unlikely to catch on…

Finally, SRAM aren’t the only ones to be pushing this technology. Schlumpf has been producing crank based gearing devices for some time, but mostly for the city bike market. At Eurobike they showed a new MTB version, and it looks good.

And not to be outdone, Nicolai are also in on the act, creating the BOXX in collaboration with Bionicon.

Check back for the November issue of MBR when we’ll reveal more.