Amplify your voice commands for the GoPro Hero 5

New GoPro Remo waterpooof wearable remote control works from a distance of 10metres (33 feet in old money). It claims to work even in windy or noisy environments.

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The new GoPro Hero 5 got something of a mixed reception when it was released earlier this year. Initial reactions were that it didn’t really offer a great deal more than Hero 4 that was released an aeon ago (relatively speaking) other than a lower price tag.

Now that people have actually experienced the Hero 5 and have been using it in the real world, it turns out the ‘voice command’ function is something much more than the gimmick that it appeared to be at first.

Being able to execute certain functions* without having to stop or take a hand off your handlebar is a feature that Hero 5 owners don’t want to live without now that they’ve got used to it.

*features like single photo, photo burst, tagging clips, start recording, stop recording, even turning the GoPro off. There are 13 commands in total and 10 languages are recognised.


The new Remo remote is intended to augment this voice control feature. (It does also act as a one-button remote in its own right but the big news here about how it extends the voice command range/reach).

Included with the Remo are two housings: one for your wrist and one for your clothing (or rucksack strap).

Price-wise it’s £69.99. that it understands 13 commands (none of which are listed) and 10 languages (also not listed).

It almost goes without saying that the Remo only works with the GoPro Hero 5.