The new eyewear bridges the gap between sunglasses and goggles

Fox Racing has launched its new eyewear – the Purvue. It’s technically a goggle, but without the sometimes cumbersome design that can lead to you feeling sweaty or steaming up on the trail. It uses VIVID lens technology which Fox claims helps to deliver “high-contrast vision in light-challenged environments”. It’s also designed to be worn with open-face helmets. Prices start at £109.99. We have seen these in the flesh, and think they look pretty good, and could bridge the gap between sunglasses and goggles for open-face helmet wearers. Whether they stack up against the best MTB goggles on the market remains to be seen, but let’s take a look at the Purvue spec.
Fox Purevue

The Fox Purevue goggles are designed for open-face helmets

Fox Purevue goggles need to know:

  • The new eyewear is part goggle, part sunglasses – basically to optimise airflow for open-face helmet users
  • There are two models, the Purevue goggle (£109.99) and the Purvue goggle with VIVID lens (£119.99)
  • The VIVID lens technology offers “high-contrast vision in light-challenged areas”
  • You can also buy spare lenses including mirror, gold, grey and clear
Fox Purevue

There are two models in the Purevue range – one with VIVID lens technology and one without

Fox Purevue goggles

So the big talking point with these ‘goggles’ is that they are almost frameless, and designed for open-face helmets. This, according to Fox, means they are the brand’s “most breathable and highest clarity goggle.” The frame design offers optimum airflow but without compromising on lockdown fit. The lack of bulky frame also means you get better peripheral vision – something that goggles don’t always provide.
Ryan Van Noy, Senior Designer said: “Like most design briefs at Fox, we approached trail-specific eyewear with a unique perspective that is authentic to our brand. Purevue was born from gravity and a rider’s preference to wear a goggle for additional security and field of view like you find in a full-face helmet, but specifically developed for trail riding experiences, including the functionality of climbing. The increased airflow combined with a seamless fit for an open-face helmet like our Speedframe simply translates to more confidence on the bike.”
Fox Purevue

These are the first goggles to use the VIVID lens tech, according to Fox

We haven’t got our hands on a pair for a ride just yet to confirm the marketing claims, but we have seen them in the flesh and think they look pretty good. They could be a genuine goggle alternative for those wanting a bit more protection than sunglasses offer. There are two models available, the Purevue goggle, which costs £109.99 and includes two injected polycarbonate lenses, a carrying case and multiple nose pads. You can choose from gold/black mirrored, grey/black or green/50th anniversary lenses.
The Purevue VIVID model utilises the VIVID lens technology. This offers high-contrast in places like forests and woods, or if you’re riding at dusk and the shadows are pretty dominant. The technology works by blocking out the spectrum of light which creates flatter lighting conditions. This then means there’s more contrast, so riders can ride with the confidence they’ll still be able to pick out lines and read the terrain. The VIVID lenses will eventually be offered across all of Fox Racing’s optics in autumn of this year. That includes the Main, Vue and Airspace goggles. The price for the Purevue goggle with VIVD lens tech is £119.99 and spare lenses can be bought separately.
The Fox Racing Purevue Goggle is available from Fox Racing’s website, across their stores and dealers now.