XC efficiency with DH performance is the goal.

As the name suggests, the Fox DPX2 is a combination of Fox’s cross-country DPS technology with their X2 enduro and downhill technology.

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We’ll try to keep this in as plain an English as possible but rear shocks are impressively technical items. Here goes…

fox dpx2

Fox DPOX2 Base Valve detail

Fox DPX2

How technical is this new Fox DPX2 then? Well, for example, the new shock sports dedicated damping circuits in its dual piston base valve for each of the three settings it offers: Firm, Medium and Open. This is tech that comes from their dual-piston DPS shocks.

The DPS design also gives the new DPX2 shock a separate lock-out circuit when it’s put in the Firm mode. This Firm mode isn’t lock-out in an old-skool sense. Think rally car sportiness rather than solid harshness.

As for the X2 influence, that comes with the DPX2’s recirculating oil damper. This offers three key advantages: low internal pressures for better small bump sensitivity, more mid-stroke support, independent compression and rebound settings.

fox dpx2

Complete new shock body design

The whole shock body has been done from the ground up.

The piggyback is much lower profile than other Fox piggyback shocks. This means it will fit into more frames without getting in the way of running a full-size water bottle.

fox dpx2

Lower profile piggyback

The damping adjusters are also brand new designs. Much easier to access to operate than on other Fox shocks.

And there’s that new one-piece EVOL air can too. EVOL stands for Extra VOLume. Extra volume in the negative chamber to be precise. This results in a more linear spring around the sag point (25%), again for improved small bump compliance.

fox dpx2

On-the-fly adjustment

A key principal of the DPX2 appears to be on-the-fly usage of the Firm/Medium/Open compression settings (which in themselves are adjustable). This is not principally designed to be a set-and-forget shock. This is a shock that wants you to adjust it numerous times during a ride, or race. The adjustment has been made as easy and as customisable as possible.

Speaking of customisation, the Factory Series version of the DPX2 offers an additional ten clicks of compression setting in the Open mode. Factory DPX2’s are also Kashima coated.

fox dpx2


Spring curve of the Fox DPX2

The DPX2 spring curve claims to be plusher at the start, offer more support in the middle, and offer more tuning range at the end.

The new EVOL sleeve is lighter than previous EVOL sleeves and each sleeve is designed specifically for each shock size (Metric or imperial) to balance out internal forces.

The new EVOL sleeve also has greater bushing overlap for reduced friction especially during side-loads.

Pricing and availability

TBC. All we have currently is a USA price of $549. We’ll update this page when we get the info.