Weight: 72g Front, 235g rear / Front £8.99, Rear £14.99 / Lifetime warranty / Black, white or titanium
Contact: www.ultimatepursuits.co.uk

If you buy Cycraguards in this twin pack you get four quid off, which is always good news. The front guard is a copy of the Crud Catcher, but instead of two elastic bands to hold it in place it has two thick rubber belts with holes in that slot over two hooks on the underside. They’re easier to use and big enough to go round an oversized down tube.
A triangular arm supports the rear guard but the two screws holding it in place rounded out when we tightened them. In addition, the small bolt connecting the arm to the ratchet clamp is too short and we found it impossible to seat the square washer in the other end of the clamp. In the end we gave up, which means the rating here is for the front guard only. Cycraguard has since told us it’s working on pre-installing some of the fittings, shortening the two screws and making the whole rear fender a lot simpler. So there’ll be a follow-up test then.