They result in a 10mm wider on-bike stance

Crank Brothers have released a new version of their highly-rated Mallet E caged clipless pedal. The Mallet E LS sports 5mm longer axles, resulting in a 57mm q-factor (the distance your feet lie apart from each other when clipped in).

The LS stands for Long Spindle. Just so you know.

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Er, why?

It initially seems likes something of a funny move; normally pedals – especially flat-bodied pedals – are all about reducing with and improving ground clearance.

The new Mallet E LS can be seen as rider-size-specific componentry. In other words, they’re pedals for bigger riders. Larger and taller riders may appreciate the extra stability and wider stance of the Mallet E LS.


Crank Brothers have made flat pedals along similar lines last year. The Crank Brothers’ Stamp flattie is available in two different sizes. Regular for normal footed riders and Large for folk with huge plates of meat for feet.

Crank Brothers also state that the longer spindled pedals have come about from riders’ reports and requests for a pedal with better show clearance. Improved clearance to stop shoes scuffing things up as well as to avoid annoying or painful ankle bone clonking on chainstays and crank arms.



Other than the longer axles, the LS pedals appear to be the same as the existing Mallet E pedals. So features like the adjustable rubber traction pads either side of the engagement mechanism are still present, as are the six adjustable pins, four-sided ‘rolling’ entry, the decent bearings and the double seals. Nice to see the five year warranty there too.

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The Mallet E LS is not a pedal for loads of riders. It’s more of a fine-tuning option for certain builds of serious rider or racer. If that sounds like you, they’re certainly a pedal to stick on your shortlist.