If you’re a subscriber to MBR’s twitter feed you’ll have seen these already, but here goes for anyone who doesn’t subscribe (and if you don’t, get on it! www.twitter.com/mbrmagazine).

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Core Bike pics - new 4in Joplin with better internals on Twitpic
New Crank Brothers 4in Joplin with upgraded internals

Core Bike pics - brand new TRP disc brake, carbon lever, adju... on Twitpic
Brand new TRP disc brake, carbon lever, adjustable reach and bite point, around £190 an end.

Core Bike pics - THE's new mud shield on Twitpic
THE’s new mud shield

Core Bike pics - new Gravity Dropper with SDG's I-beam head. on Twitpic
Gravity Dropper with SDG’s I-beam head – interesting for anyone who uses an I-Beam seat

Core Bike pics - Intense custom orange 951 with... on Twitpic
Intense custom orange 951 with custom tartan decals
Core Bike pics - ...custom tartan decals. on Twitpic

Core Bike pics - Renthal's new Kevlar impregnated lock-on, th... on Twitpic
Renthal’s new Kevlar impregnated lock-on — the next big thing?