Cannondale have just out-Cannondaled themselves

New Cannondale Lefty Ocho fork takes the single-side concept to its ultimate conclusion. Is it really the smoothest fork in moutain biking?

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Cannondale Lefty Ocho press release

New high-tech hardware for the XC obsessed.

Wilton, Conn. – May 18, 2018 – When the Cannondale Factory Racing Team saddles up for one of the toughest courses on the XC World Cup circuit in Albstadt, Germany this weekend they’ll have two new aces up their sleeves: the all-new F-Si, the fastest and most capable hardtail Cannondale has ever made; and the Lefty Ocho, the smoothest, most advanced ultralight XC fork in the world.

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All-new Lefty Ocho

It’s been more than 18 years since the first Lefty suspension fork showed the world what kind of performance was possible if you stopped worrying about what was impossible, and the new Lefty Ocho is poised to do it all over again. The disruptive seventh son of the original XC disruptor, it is not only the world’s first single-crown, single-sided suspension fork; it is the most advanced, smoothest, most precise-handling ultralight XC fork ever made.

“In order to push performance further with Lefty, we had to start with a clean slate,” said Jeremiah Boobar, Cannondale’s Director of Suspension Technology. “We needed to bring Lefty back to its XC roots, and rethink the entire structure from the crown on down.”

The new single-crown design shaves over 250 grams off the previous Lefty Carbon, making it one of the absolute lightest suspension forks in the world, while still having the best overall stiffness of any ultralight fork. Its tailored rigidity offers robust stiffness where needed and just the right amount of give to flow with the trail.

“When it comes to smoothness, Ocho stands alone,” added Boobar. With its new, three-sided Delta Cage needle-bearing telescope, fewer friction-causing seals and bushings than any other fork, and the supple new Chamber Damper, Ocho is simply the smoothest fork ever made. At any load, in any situation, there’s no sticking, no binding, no shuddering or hesitation. It’s just pure, smooth suspension action, for ultimate control.

With a host of new features designed to make it easy to use and ultra reliable, the new Lefty Ocho is truly the smoothest, most advanced, ultralight XC fork in the world.

cannondale lefty ocho

Available in carbon and alloy, Lefty Ocho will accommodate both 27.5 and 29-inch wheels and is available on the new Cannondale F-Si in 5 models, £2,699 – £6,999.