Could the bum-bag become mountain biking fashion?

Camelbak has just announced its latest hydration product, the Palos 4LR. This time your hydration bladder won’t be stored away in a backpack, but on a bum-bag mounted round your waist.

Questionable fashion statements aside, we can see the logic behind Camelbak’s design. If you are just heading out for a two hour spin, do you really want to take a half empty hydration pack with you on your back? It seems much easier to just put it round your hips.

Camelbak claims that putting the weight around your waist also means it will be comfortably spread over your hips and lower back, and your shoulders will be more free to move.

The bladder has a capacity of 1.5 litres and still leaves a small amount of storage space for a few essentials. The hydration tube wraps around your waist and we assume you have to stop and un-clip it to take a drink.

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The full Camelbak range will be unveiled at Eurobike later this year, when we’ll also be able to get more info on this … ‘unique’ design.