The lightest dropper you can actually buy.

The new 9point8 Fall Line R dropper post has a claimed weight of 386g and you can chop it to length to get it down to 335g too.

As any cyclist knows, weight weenie-ism comes with a whole host of asterisks and caveats. With dropper posts there is often a tendency for companies to exclude things like housing, remote and fluid/cable in the claimed weights.

9point8 Fall Line R

With this in mind, the actual complete system weight of a trimmed-down Fall Line R dropper should still be below the 400g mark.

Hang on though. These weights are for the Fall Line R dropper that only has 75mm of drop. The 75mm drop post is also the only 9point8 dropper that is trimmable.

Not many mountain bikers will be interested in a post with only 75mm drop BUT there will be some XC racers out there who are already scrabbling to find their credit cards and get their orders in.

For the record, the 125mm Fall Line R dropper is still plenty light, coming in (post-only) at 390g.

9point8 fall line r

9point8: “The Fall Line R is just as strong and reliable as all our regular Fall Line droppers. Weight reduction has been achieved through rigorous engineering, careful attention to the architecture of the post, and precision machining. There is no rider weight limit for the Fall Line R. Cross country racing is the obvious application of this new seatpost, but it will perform equally well on trail bikes and enduro; anywhere that reduced weight is desirable.”

UK pricing is unconfirmed but in the USA the 75mm model will be $489 and the 125mm model $459. Availability should be sometime in autumn this year.