Standard grips too small for you? Upsize with these new 34mm PNW Loams.

Mountain bike contact points are a deeply personal preference, and with the variety of rider sizes, a single standard doesn’t work for all.

Grips are a particularly personal issue, especially when considering the diversity of hand sizes throughout the mountain biking rider spectrum. If you are a rider with large hands, standard grips might feel less secure or comfortable to hold onto.

PNW recognises this, and the brand has created a beefier version of its Loam grips. These new XLs give riders with larger hands the option of wrapping a gloved hand around more appropriately sized.

Bigger. And comfier?

PNW’s Loam XL works on both 31.8- or 35mm bore handlebars, with 22.2mm ends, using the proven single-bolt lock-on configuration.

These Loam XL grips feature a 34mm diameter, compared to the standard version at 30mm. Although 4mm might not sound like much, there should be a genuine difference regarding grip ergonomics and comfort for those riders who truly experience standard grips are inadequate.

Overall length is 133.5mm and the Loam XL grip weighs 120g, making it 30g heftier than the standard-sized version.

Grooved to work in loam riding conditions

The Loam XLs use PNW’s ultra-tacky 25A durometer rubber compound, which provides excellent grip and a touch of additional vibration damping.

As you’d expect from a brand with its roots in the Pacific Northwest, the Loam XL grips have a texture that does more than keeping your steering inputs true. The Loam XL surface patterning channels excess moisture off the grips when riding in rainy conditions.

If you want to go bigger with your grip diameter, PNW’s new Loam XLs available in eight different colours, sure to match any build or ride attire.