The PNW Fern is a redesigned dropper post that works for very light riders, such as kids. It could be what your junior shredder needs.

Would you session that favourite bit of trail without a dropper post? No. So, why should kids? The dropper seat post is deeply valued for its ability to boost rider confidence, and deliver all the benefits of progressive mountain bike frame geometry.

There is a new low-pressure dropper from PNW, made to work with the lightest of riders and an ideal partner to install on the best kids mountain bikes.

pnw fern dropper post

Externally routed to suit kids frames

Fern for the win

When you can get low, your mountain bike rides much closer to its geometry’s potential on those descents.

For junior riders, droppers are every bit as useful, but there are issues. The adult rider weight required to compress that dropper post shaft doesn’t work for kids. They are simply too light, for the pressure of an adult dropper post system.

PNW has recognised the problem and fashioned a solution with its Fern dropper post. There is nothing noticeably different to how it looks, but an air cartridge redesign has made it ideal for kids.

The Fern dropper post works on a rider weight spectrum much lighter than even the most compact adult rider.

PNW’s design team analysed the weight range for kids who ride the latest generation of 24- or 26” wheel junior mountain bikes. That data guided the air cartridge design parameters, delivering a system that required much less weight to compress the shaft.

pnw fern remote

Little thumb friendly

Easy to adjust

Built to support up to 50kg of rider weight, the PNW Fern needs only 20kg of downward pressure to actuate the post. That makes it the dropper post of choice for most junior riders.

Total stroke is 90mm, which might sound a touch short in a world of the best dropper posts with 200+mm, but that’s plenty for the frame sizes that kids use.

PNW also opted to have the Fern as an externally routed dropper, making sizing adjustments much easier – as a junior rider grows from frame to frame.

With a 27.2mm seat tube size and external cable routing, the PNW Fern should work a treat on most junior mountain bike frames.