Don't just stick 'em under the ball of your foot

Set up your cleats for optimum performance and comfort. To maximise control, find a comfortable set-up for your body and type of riding you do.

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You don’t need to worry much about foot position when using flat pedals, but with clipless it’s important to get the cleats mounted in the correct place to stop knee soreness and reduce fatigue. most riders generally opt for neutral or centred position, but the latest thinking recommends mounting the cleat further back on the sole of the sole. This puts your foot in a more balanced position over the pedal axle, reduces calf fatigue on long descents and also creates a little bit of heel clearance – handy on bikes with wider chainstays or Boost back ends.

It’s also worth experimenting with the angle of the cleats. If you’re running Crank Bros Mallet pedals, it’s useful to angle the leading edge of the cleat slightly towards hte crank to make it easier to uncli0p. We’ve found that with Shimano pedals it’s better to have them pretty straight, but it depends on how your foot naturally hangs – toes in or toes out. Try to mimic this with your cleat set-up.

You will probably notice that you feel for planted generally and especially when cornering. If you notice climbing feeling a bit too different, you probably just need to change your saddle height and/or angle to adjust for the new cleat position.