Ever wondered what enduro lord and pro EWS ripper Jerome Clementz gets up to in the off season? Well, he rides his bikes of course

Jerome Clementz doesn’t pay attention to the weather; he rides his bikes regardless. Whether he is shredding an enduro trail in the low winter sun or being an XC whippet pulling manuals through puddles his motto remains the same: One day, every day. 

Skill and style come effortlessly to JC, and he doesn’t look too shabby either showing off his latest kit sponsors. Apparently this is the off season but riding in Finale does not seem to be much of a drag either. But regardless of whether you are the Enduro World Series champion or not; riding every day is certainly not a bad idea to aspire to…

Want to see more of the man’s impressive life? Then check out this video where Jerome Clementz rides a volcano.