There's light at the end of the tunnel for Öhlins fork owners affected by the recall

Öhlins aims to resolve the potential safety issue with its RXF 36/34 Air forks. Read below for instructions on how to go about sorting your fork.

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“There is now an approved fix to end the “stop ride” of the Öhlins RXF 36/34 Air. It safely solves the issue with the top cap coming loose while riding.

After four reports of the air cartridge coming loose and springing out of the fork stanchion tube, with risk of injury to the rider, we initiated a voluntary report with the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission). We have since been following their process.

The solution

We recommend that you get in contact with your dealer, origin of purchase or local service center and let them apply the fix to your fork. It is a very easy fix to apply and it exceeds stated safety requirements. A large number of hours have been spent to replicate, test and verify a safe solution, safety is an important part of Öhlins products.


After a fork has been fixed customers can register at and receive a voucher for parts to be use at the next full service at a Öhlins service center. The voucher form at will be live next week. Voucher is valid for Air service kit, Damper service kit and the soon to be released RXF 36 performance upgrade (labor is not included).

Next step

Updates will be made on where a movie will be released showing how the fix is implemented.

We hope all affected Öhlins riders are back riding their forks as soon as possible and apologize for any inconvenience this have caused. We are riders and know how bad it is to not be able to ride. We also know the RXF fork will be much improved after the voucher has been used.”