Ideal for those wishing to cram longer dropper posts into their bikes

Developed in conjunction with the Nukeproof enduro race team of Sam Hill et al, the new Nukeproof Horizon saddle has plenty of neat ideas.

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Nukeproof Horizon saddle need to know

  • 143mm width
  • Short nose
  • Built in flex
  • Cut out
  • No sharp edges
  • Water repellent
  • Low stack height
  • CrMo Ti rails
  • Weight 261g
  • SRP £59.99 (£80 for Sam Hill ‘oil slick’ edition)

nukeproof horizon saddle

Normally the release of a new saddle probably wouldn’t have us writing up a story about it but this new Horizon saddle from Nukeproof is news worthy for a couple of reasons.

The over-arching reason is that it’s a great example of how top-level enduro racing is feeding back into the design of mountain bike products that actually endu up being really useful for regualr trail riders.

Who doesn’t want a comfy saddle? Who doesn’t want a saddle that doesn’t snag on their clothing as much? Or doesn’t have sharp pointy edges that hurt when you whack into it during your diciest moments?

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The most interesting design aspect of this new saddle is that there has been a deliberate focus on reducing the height of the rails. What’s so good about reducing the stack height? If you’ve ever tried to install a 170 or 200mm dropper post into a bike you’ll already know the answer. By reducing the stack height of the new Horizon saddle Nukeproof have added 8mm of potential clearance for longer dropper posts.

To do this and have a product that still very much looks like a Nukeproof product (consisitent component aesthetics are important doncha know), the designers have really excelled themselves this time. We look forward to sitting on one soon to see if the comfort claims work out for our posteriors.